Owl Boxes

Barn Owls were once a common site across the Gwent levels and grassland areas of Monmouthshire. During recent times their numbers have crashed mainly due to the use of second generation rodenticides and a change in agricultural practices. The loss of old barns and other nesting sites have seen their numbers decline even further.

Owl box on pole

Barn Owls can be seen around Leechpools' Farms although there are no identified breeding pairs at present. Owls need traditional hay meadows, rough grassland and secure nesting sites in order to do well.

Our areas of rough grassland and managed meadow should provide a healthy bank of Field Voles and Shrews. To accommodate the loss of old buildings and tree holes we have erected two owl boxes on eight metre telegraph poles on the edge of a small copse overlooking the field.

A Monmouthshire County Council Agenda 21 grant paid for the materials needed to make the boxes and with the help of local smallholder Les Pike, the poles were collected from Newport Dock and installed.

Poles loaded

To date one of the boxes has been visited by a lone Barn Owl and the other has provided shelter for a pair of Kestrels.

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