Sacrifical crops

Wildlife. When it's gone it's gone forever.

When governments and the news media are preoccupied with our green credentials, carbon footprints and we are all busy installing energy saving light bulbs, we are all forgetting the very wildlife we all grew up with.

Our green and pleasant land is struggling to support many of our traditional and familiar birds, insects and plants.

Interest Rates up 1%. Farmland bird loss rates up 95%

Even once common birds such as Bullfinches have seen their numbers fall and have even become locally rare.

Gatekeeper butterfly

Insects have suffered one of the biggest declines. Even once common butterflies are now endangered. Traditional wildflowers have been confined to the at risk sheet, whilst even some once common 'arable weeds' are in danger of being lost forever.

We can all do our bit to help the wildlife on our door step whether it's by growing sacrificial crops, simply feeding the birds or joining a local wildlife group. Helen Philips, Chief Executive, English Nature recently said 'Act now to save our natural environment or Britain's most precious wildlife will be lost forever'.

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